Awesome “Talking Trash” Community Forum!

On November 3rd more than 30 committed folks joined ORS/The Exchange in a community forum to visualize the future of the solid waste management here on Orcas, and for all of San Juan County. Conversations covered the…

Sorting Through the Plastic Numbers

Recycling Plastics

We’ve been discussing plastics a lot lately. And for good reason. But have you ever been confused by those numbers listed on plastics? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…what makes one plastic different from another….

Exchange Online Store Launches

The Exchange online store

For months we have been discussing how to launch an online store that would first take into consideration our local community. And now we have a solution! We recently launched The Exchange Online Store where unique…

Paint Recycling Now Available at The Exchange

Paint Recycling at the Exchange on Orcas Island

ORS is now a recycling center for latex paint! Gather up your old, leftover, or unwanted latex paint (liquid form) and drop it off  for a small fee. No oil-based paints will be accepted. This service…

WATCH: How The Orcas Exchange Became a Zero Waste Model

Watch the story of how a rag-tag island swap meet turned into a model non-profit, zero-waste reuse and recycling facility.

My Exchange Story: Mount Baker Farm

Mount Baker Farm on Orcas Island

When Ruth, Cheryl and Barb bought the Mount Baker Farm property on Orcas Island, they were determined to offer a unique experience for islanders and tourists, alike. They did this by creating 58 campsites that sit…

Solstice Parade Costumes Designed at Exchange Workshop

Orcas Island Solstice Parade

We love doing things that support reuse in the community so we were happy to host a Solstice Parade Costume Workshop here at The Exchange. This free event allowed parade participants to work on their designs…

Don’t Waste The Good Stuff!

Orcas Exchange Recycling Aluminum Cans

What’s wrong with this picture? Look at all of those valuable aluminum cans in the garbage! With a little forethought, the person who threw these cans into the bin could have source-separated them. We offer a…

Traffic Pattern at The Exchange

Please pay careful attention to signs and direction arrows when entering and leaving ORS/The Exchange. Our traffic pattern is mandated by San Juan County, and helps to keep vehicles from circling on and off Orcas Road. Most…