A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Volunteers

Our docents have done a super job this year working at the “Z-wall” to help customers understand how to correctly separate cardboard for recycling.  Our customers get it and we have very little contamination in the cardboard bin. The docents…

New Glass Crusher on The Way

Glass Crusher deposit

Thanks to your support over the last year, we have placed a $57,000 down payment on a new glass crushing system from Andela Products Company, of Richfield Springs, NY. Glass has little or no value as…

The Exchange Alternate Intake and Sales Days

The Exchange on Orcas Island

Updated 8/11/20: Big thanks to the community for your support of The Exchange and our Covid safety protocol. We know its been hard to schedule drop-offs—especially when we are booked up for two months! To help…

The Docents Are Back!

Cardboard recycling on Orcas Island

Last summer ORS began a recycling docent program that put volunteer recycling experts out on the “Z-Wall” at the Orcas Transfer Station. It was a huge success! Last year we introduced a cardboard pilot program that has…

Zero Waste Mulch Available

zero waste mulch

For a couple of years now we have been accepting clean green yard-waste material at a significant discount. We just did our second major grind, and now we have over 200 yards of totally local composted mulch for sale! What…

ORS Separating Cardboard

Recycle cardboard

Orcas Recycling Services has taken a major step in how we recycle and has been running a pilot program for separating cardboard from other recyclables. Cardboard represents 40 to 50 percent of the recycling stream on…

Film Inspires Plastic Free Living

On March 7th the Seaview Theater in Eastsound was packed for a screening of the beautifully-made but disturbing film “A Plastic Ocean”. Hosted by the Orcas Island Film Festival, The Exchange, and several other local groups and…

Where Does All the Food Waste Go?

orcas farmers use food waste

Late last year when the nation-wide recycling crisis consumed the news, we decided to push forward on our Recycle 2.0 program, hoping it would advance the conversation about achieving a zero-waste community. Food waste has been…

Solving the Plastic Packaging Problem

plastic alternative evocative

Recycle 2.0 was launched with the purpose of continuing education on the current worldwide recycling challenges. Plastics are a big part of that issue.  As long as we continue producing plastic products at the current rate,…

Sorting Through the Plastic Numbers

Recycling Plastics

We’ve been discussing plastics a lot lately. And for good reason. But have you ever been confused by those numbers listed on plastics? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…what makes one plastic different from another….

The Exchange is Open - with Some Changes!

Drop-off days: Friday & Sunday (closed to shoppers) - RESERVATION REQUIRED

Shopping days: Thursday, Saturday, & Monday - Facial coverings required; Foot traffic may be limited

The Transfer Station is open normal hours: Thursday-Monday 10am-4pm