A (not so short) History of Compost

Prehistoric farmers discovered that manure from their domesticated animals – mixed with straw and other brush and crop residues – would gradually change into a fertile soil-like material that was good for crops.  The practice of…

Community Scaled Composting

Greetings All! This column is in support of ORS’s new endeavor into “Community Scaled” composting. To kick it off, three composting workshops were held around the island in September and October to introduce community attendees to…

Drop Off Your Xmas Tree for Free!

Drop off your dried-out Christmas tree at the transfer station for no charge. We’ll add it to our green waste compost pile. Just make sure it completely free of ornaments, tinsel, etc. Did you know that we…

The Exchange is Open - with Some Changes!

Drop-off days: Friday & Sunday (closed to shoppers) - RESERVATION REQUIRED

Shopping days: Thursday, Saturday, & Monday - Facial coverings required; Foot traffic may be limited

The Transfer Station is open normal hours: Thursday-Monday 10am-4pm