Spring 2021 Great Islands Clean-up April 24th!

The Great Islands Clean-up will be happening Saturday, April 24th from 10am to 2pm. Any trash you pick up on the roads or beaches can be dropped off at the transfer station with information on where you cleaned up and the number of hours you volunteered. Grabbers, gloves, bags, and safety vests will be available for pickup at The Exchange starting Monday, April 19th.

During this year’s GICU we will take tires FOR FREE! Bring in any abandoned roadside or beach tires you find along with your litter bags. If you find one that is too large or unsafe to move, please reach out to pete@exchangeorcas.org to let us know where they are and we will arrange to have them picked up!

Keep up to date on the GICU Facebook page!

Other Island Contacts:

San Juan: Katie Fleming (katie@sanjuans.org)

Shaw: Jennifer Woodbridge (outsidelanguage1@gmail.com)

Lopez: James Skeet Townley (jtownley@blm.gov / 509-860-3972)