EXC_RoundIconBike_BlueBGAt The Exchange we love the idea of reducing the waste we all create. We also love the idea of recycling. But the “R” we really really love is REUSE! The Exchange was born 30 years ago to save useful materials that were going into the landfill.

Rebuilding a new and better Exchange Reuse Center, following the fire that destroyed it in February of 2013, is the primary goal of our organization. We did not fight for the contract to run the Orcas Transfer Station because we wanted to get into the garbage business, we did it to protect and expand The Exchange.

The first step was transforming the traffic flow on the transfer station property. After a great deal of study, and with the help of our expert consultant and engineer Terrill Chang, we developed a “Master Plan” for the site. Submitted to the county in March 2014, you can review the plan in detail here. This work was completed in December, 2015.

The design of the future reuse facility is also complete. We hope to begin construction in the second quarter of 2016!

We encourage you to post your ideas and comments on our Facebook Page or Twitter Page. We are also always on the lookout for volunteers who want to get involved. Click here to get to our contact page and get in touch!


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