New Policy: Reservation System

We’re calling it the “Tsunami”, because that’s exactly what we are expecting when we open the doors to donations. A tidal event from your basement/garage/barn to our new building. We are excited about it—but we also have to manage it. The answer: technology!

Through the end of December, we are ONLY ACCEPTING DONATIONS WITH A RESERVATION. You can make a reservation online, by going to:

Unscheduled donations will sadly have to be turned away. Early next year, after the tsunami has subsided, we will start accepting items throughout the day without reservations—but folks with reservations will always be taken care of first, and they will always get a primo reserved parking space! With the Internet and your help, we can all surf the Tsunami safely to shore!

Reservation System goes live Nov. 8. The first drop off day will be Nov 16. Folks without computer access can call (360) 376-4089 for a reservation.