The Exchange “Wishlist”

While the new Exchange will not accept donations of goods or materials for another couple of months, there are certain items that we need right now for the build-out.

If you have anything on the following list that you ware willing to donate now, we can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt!

Here’s what we are currently looking for:

• Electric or propane forklift
• 3/4” plywood
• Sheetrock & insulation
• Rough 4/4 planks
• Staples for Senco nail guns
• 4×6 ergonomic floor mats
• Painting supplies
• Commercial dishwasher; washer/dryer
• New outdoor picnic tables
• 4 yards concrete
• Gravel
• Display cases
• Retail shelving and racks
• Chain for hanging light fixtures

We intend to keep this list updated on our website—so keep checking back! If you have any building materials available please feel free to send us an email about them and we will get right back to you! You can reach us at Thank you!