COVID Update: Alternating Intake & Sales Days Working Well

The Exchange Orcas

Regular Exchange visitors know by now that since COVID hit The Exchange has moved to an alternating schedule of intake and sales days. The store is open for sales on Thursday, Saturday and Monday; and open for donations (by appointment) Friday and Sunday. While inconvenient to some degree, it has also had some real benefits.

The basis of the policy is to allow items we take in to be quarantined for a period of time before they go on display in the store. But the schedule had generated there other benefits as well:

  • Better Quality Merchandise: By slowing down intake and spending more time sorting the good from the not so good, we have been able to significantly improve the quality of the merchandise we sell.
  • Better Organized Store: Slowing the process allows staff to better stock and organize the shelves, making it easier for our customers to find treasures.

In fact, when we enter COVID Phase 3, The Exchange plans to continue a more regulated intake process, likely including appointments for drop-offs, while opening the store for sales five days a week instead of three.

The Exchange is Open - with Some Changes!

Drop-off days: Friday & Sunday (closed to shoppers) - RESERVATION REQUIRED

Shopping days: Thursday, Saturday, & Monday - Facial coverings required; Foot traffic may be limited

The Transfer Station is open normal hours: Thursday-Monday 10am-4pm